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workshops, dog workshops, events, seminars for dog owners, dog trainers and dog people in Surrey


learn the importance of (dog) body language, be a team and allow freedom by setting up rules


whenever you go on a holiday,
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Workshops .

its a dog organizes workshops for you and your dog to experience, to learn, to observe. We are based in Surrey and most of our workshops take place here.  Topics vary and range from a scientific approach (e.g. the do it research and training method) to basic communication (how do I teach my dog to give paw – how to train a puppy – what do I need to know about lead training – is body language important) or a relaxing dog photo session.


Coming up: man trailing

A 2 day introductory workshop

Please contact us for more information, dates and times

A “mantrailing” dog follows the trail of a specific person, based on its individual smell. Every human being has his very own scent that can be detected and followed by your dog.

Mantrailing (not to be confused with tracking) is a great way of spending quality time with your dog. You will experience what it means to work in a team and learn a lot about reading your dogs behaviour and movements carefully. Insecure dogs can greatly benefit from this highly rewarding activity. And you will be fascinated by the amazing skills of your dog and his nose when he follows trails that can be days old through the woods and across the village.

3 dogs

Body language and communication

Learn the importance of body language when communicating with your dog and experience how orientation will lead to a good lead walking. The course is the basis for the advanced body language course

participants- 4 (closed group)
place- Woking, Surrey
date – Sat 15th of March 2014 (3 weeks)
costs – 40 £ for three 1 hour sessions

Advanced body language and lead training
The basis for good on lead walking is orientation – with a good orientation off lead walking will become a new experience. The course will build on the body language and communication course and can only be booked after successful completion of body language and communication.

Participants – 4 (closed group)
Ort – Woking, Surrey
Date – to be confirmed (3 weeks)
Costs – 40 £ for three 1 Hour sessions

Photo Shooting Debra Bardowicks – NEW DATES !!!

Only a few slots left!

Please contact us via email to secure your space->  email.

Itsadog photo shooting Debra Bardowicks02

Photo Shooting Debra Bardowicks


“DO AS I DO” – a new training method based on social learning

special offer



WHAT „Do as I do“ – 2 day workshop with Claudia
WHEN Saturday – Sunday 12th /13th October 2013
WHERE Ruxbury Farm, St. Ann’s Hill Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9NL, UK
FOR WHOM dog owners who want to try something different, dog trainers.
people who are just curious, people with dogs and people without dogs
HOW MUCH handler with 1 dog 180, – £ spectator without dog 100, – £
WHAT ELSE tea coffee and biscuits will be provided, but please bring a snack for
your dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. There will be breaks
in between and the possibility of a joint dinner on Saturday.

Your dog needs to know the command “stay” and can show at least three different behaviours on command (behaviours the handler can also do, like for example: lay down, roll, paw – sit is excluded as dogs usually sit in their “stay”)

send me an email or use our Booking Form

Social learning means being able to acquire new behaviours by observing others.

New ethological studies of the Department of Ethology at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (under the supervision of Dr. Ádám Miklósi ) reveal the social-cognitive abilities of dogs and demonstrate that the social skills of the dogs are so well developed that dogs can learn new tricks, simply by imitating humans.

“Do as I do” is a new training method that is based on the social skills of dogs, especially their ability to imitate people. Through this method, dogs learn new behaviours by observing and imitating their owners.

Claudia Fugazza is probably the first dog trainer and researcher of canine ethology who has developed this research into a training method. Dog owners and trainers can learn how to use “Do as I do”, discover new talents and abilities in their dogs, and strengthen their relationship with their dogs.


(please note the workshop takes place indoors and outdoors – please bring appropriate clothing)

Saturday 4 pm – 9pm
theory: dogs and social learning , training protocol phase 1
exercise: the imitation rule 1
theory: training protocol phase 2 exercise: the imitation rule 2

Sunday 9 am – 6pm
theory: “Do as I do” as a training method
exercise: generalization of imitation rule

theory: what is “imitation “?
exercise: teaching new behaviours with “Do as I do”

participating (maximum 12 handlers and 20 spectators)

Claudia Fugazza
has a degree in Dog Breeding and Dog Training Techniques, a Master in Ethology of Companion Animals and a Master in Dog Training (University of Pisa – Italy).
She is a PhD student in Ethology with Prof. A. Miklosi at the University of Budapest and her research plan is on social learning and imitation in dogs. She is a dog trainer at Happy Dog School (Como) where she holds courses on dogs’ behavioural problems. She also teaches social learning in dogs at the University of Pisa and Padova.

She wrote a book and published a DVD on social learning in dog training: “DO AS I DO – Il cane impara guardandoci” edited by Haqihana, translated also in German by Dogfriend Publisher and published in English by Tawzerdog
Videos by Claudia Fugazza and the way she works can be found on her webpage:

Training .

Your dog is pulling on the lead? Your dog jumps up in excitement? Cant let him off the lead because you fear he might run away? Your dog is constantly barking? Your dog thinks recall is for the other dogs only?

It’s a dog offers individualised one to one trainings.
the sessions usually last 60 minutes and take place outside.
the first meeting is always an introductory session where you will have the chance to explain, discuss and describe what you want to change
the price per session is 35£
time and place will be arranged individually

Please give us a call or contact us via email ->  email

If you want to freshen up your basic knowledge, learn more about dog communication, looking for a puppy training class, want to experience the importance of Argentinian tango in dog education or feel the input of body language, than one of our small dog training classes might be for you.



unique, exciting and challenging:
is the most important time for a good start into social interaction.
Now you lay the foundation for the entire development and socialization of your dog.
At this stage it is very easy for him to learn, fast and sustainable – on a social and emotional level.

be part of it …

puppy classes provide an age-appropriate mix of training and playing with other dogs. Little explorers learn to trust and bond with their people. They learn to be guided by them and to communicate with them.

This includes learning the basic commands as well as setting boundaries and dealing with frustration. Equally important is free, controlled play, communication among peers and lots of fun games.

offers puppy classes with a slightly different twist: we focus on communication and building up a relationship and there will always be enough time for questions and mutual exchange within the group.

➔ open to puppies from around 9 to 20 weeks  (healthy and with first vaccination)
➔ small groups of 4 to 6 dog – people teams (happy for you to bring the kids and the whole family)
➔ costs £ 12 per 60 min session (open group)
➔ classes are held at STONE FARM, Church Hill in Pyrford

every Tuesday 11:00 – 12:00 pm



…..and suddenly they are teenagers!

they want to stay out till 4 am
wear high heels and lipstick
have no time to eat
their head full of nonsense?

they are always ready for a big mouth or quick fist fight?

they pretend they don’t know you anymore
never listen to what you say and
see straight through you….?

if that sounds familiar….

then, welcome to your dog’s world of becoming a grown up

Your dog is on its way from puppy to grown up. His whole hormone system is turned upside down he matures sexually, he develops his very own personality and tries to find his place in “society”.

Your role in this part of his life is vital and growing up together with your dog is a wonderful challenge.

In our youngsters group you will practice a:

consistent, clear and yet loving approach to your dog. Issues such as frustration tolerance, orientation towards you and safe recall will help you get into the head of your teenage dog and prepare both of you for a life out there together.

➔ open to dogs from around 18 weeks to 1,5 -2 years
➔ small groups of 4 to 6 dog – people teams
➔ costs £ 12 per 60 min session (open group)
➔ classes are held at STONE FARM, Church Hill in Pyrford

every Tuesday 12:30 – 13:30 pm

Dog boarding .
home boarding

It’s a dog home boarding in Surrey coming soon

Meanwhile, why not consider this:



Literature .

Suggestions from itsadog

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About .

aboutMy name is Alexandra Lucke. I grew up in Hamburg. I have my master of linguistics and teaching from Berlin University and worked in PR and Marketing.

I love travelling and travelling taught me to keep my eyes open and „listen“ to other peoples’ body language.

I truly believe in respect and fine tuning between people and their dogs. Time, patience, and encouragement are important to me and can lead to a responsible relationship.


Marian Lamp ( introduced me to a world full of dogs– she taught me everything I know about managing large dog groups by observing them, handling them and reading them the whole day, every day.

I studied at Canis ( and am currently enrolled in the dog training program of dogument (

I live in England and work as a personal dog trainer on a one to one basis. I organize workshops and seminar in the Surrey area and am looking into starting a home boarding program soon.

I currently have 3 dogs on my own: Lui, Pinga and Nanu, all rescue dogs from Portugal

I am very much looking forward to taking up my own dog business again after having enjoyed being a full time mother for the last 3 years.

I hope you enjoy this webpage and I am looking forward to meeting some of you in person.


Contact .